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What should be paid attention to when using a nail gun
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There are many kinds of nail guns, including pneumatic nail guns, woodworking pneumatic nail guns, rivet guns, etc. Nail gun is often used in decoration and home decoration industry tools, it is convenient and fast, safe and efficient, is our construction of a good helper. However, many people do not know much about the nail gun, so how to nail the gun loaded nails? What should be paid attention to when using nail gun? Next, xiaobian to introduce you to the relevant content, let's take a look.
1. Maintain a stable and suitable pressure
The pressure should be suitable and stable when using the nail gun. Usually the pressure of the nail gun is high or low depending on the material of the nail and the size of the nail. The nail gun should check the air pressure before use, and it is better not to exceed 8KG/CM2, otherwise the nailed article is liable to burst. When setting the pressure, you should start with a low pressure and gradually increase it until you are satisfied.
2. Ensure air source
When using nail gun, it is necessary to use non-dust pollution and dry compressed air, not flammable gas and oxygen, otherwise it is easy to be dangerous. In addition, after the nail gun is connected to the trachea, it is not allowed to pull the trigger without nailing, and after each use, the pneumatic tube and the tool should be separated, to prevent the accidental shooting of the nail needle, resulting in danger.
3. Use lubricating oil correctlyIn order to ensure the performance of the nail gun, before each use, you can drop a few drops of lubricating oil, which can extend the service life of the nail gun. Do not use lubricants with additives or synthetic oils, which can easily damage the internal parts of the nail gun.