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In 2004, The enterprise has passed the quality management system certification of Beijing Zhongjing KEHUAN Quality Certification Co., Ltd. based on gbit19001-2016.

China staple
Company profile

​​​​​China Staple Co. is a profession manufactory of staples, nail and brads since 1986. Most of our products have been sent to Europe, America and Australia. Now we are spread our business to Korea, Japan and South America etc. We always provide products to our customers with high quality, competitive and good service.For customers’ support, China Staple is growning up year by year. For increasing our capacity and offer better service to our customers, we estimated a new factory in Tianjin, China in 2004. The enterprise has passed the quality management system certification of Beijing Zhongjing KEHUAN Quality Certification Co., Ltd. based on gbit19001-2016.Recently, China Staples focus on the “Stapler&Nalers” products. During several years of study, now we are manufacturing staples&nailer products and have a good feedback in Domestic market.China Staple would like to combine these 2 types of products in order to grow up more business. With continued examinations, we improve the quality of products for offering the largest demand of customers. At the same time, China Staple also becomes the multiple growing.

Qualification and honor

social responsibility

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In the development of enterprises, only by consciously assuming social responsibility, can we achieve a win-win situation of economic and social benefits and achieve a century long foundation. The guiding ideology of social responsibility of China Staple follows the concept of zhuangte hardware culture. The mission, vision and concept of social responsibility of China Staple are highly consistent with the mission, vision and values of China Staple culture.

Integrity and compliance are the core values in our culture, leading the direction of our social responsibility practice. China Staple also puts forward a series of responsibility culture concepts, such as performing economic responsibility, employee responsibility, customer responsibility, partner responsibility and public responsibility, to guide the practice of social responsibility.

Customer responsibility concept

We will carefully safeguard the rights and interests of customers and consumers, strictly abide by business ethics, carry out fair competition, strive to provide more high-quality, environmentally friendly and humanized products and services, constantly exceed users' expectations, cooperate with customers sincerely, create value for customers, and grow together with customers.

Concept of public responsibility

Always be grateful and try to give back to the society.

Employee responsibility concept

Strive to build a "simple, honest and sunny" organizational culture;

Be strict with managers and good at employees;

Respect people's value, develop people's potential, sublimate people's mind, protect employees' rights and interests, and maximize enterprise value and employee value.