China Staple Enterprise Co., Ltd

Social recruitment

Business Manager (1)

Sales elites (several)

Maintenance Technician (2)


1. Carry out daily maintenance, inspection, repair and modification of vehicles;

2. Carry out PDI before delivering new car to customer;

3. Regular maintenance of tools and equipment;

4. Finish the task in time according to the arrangement of workshop supervisor.


1. Good conduct, hard work and obedience to distribution.

2. Good team spirit. 3. Familiar with American jeeps

Pickup truck, with driving license experience is preferred.

Working hours: 09:00-19:00 from Monday to Saturday

Salary position: base salary + commission


1. Be responsible for the development, development and maintenance of the company's key customers, and achieve the proposed sales objectives of the marketing department:

2. Be responsible for customer consultation, negotiation and contract establishment.

3. Be responsible for overall coordination and management in the process of project promotion.


1. Product sales experience is preferred;

2. Have the ability to develop the market, have a strong sense of team spirit and responsibility, have a good mentality, be able to complete the sales tasks specified by the company on time, dare to take on.


1. Investigate and study the international market, systematically collect the target market information, and look for trade and other cooperation opportunities;

2. Responsible for international customer relationship management and international customer contact, contact, negotiation, etc;

3. Assist the general manager to develop export business;

4. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade or English

2. 2-3 years of international trade experience, with some foreign trade experience

3. Good professional ethics and professionalism, honest and trustworthy